Village Green Family Dentistry believes in providing top quality dental services while still caring responsibly for our planet. We use a digital radiography system. This state-of-the-art equipment reduces the patient’s radiation exposure and eliminates the environmentally hazardous chemicals used to develop traditional films. By eliminating cuspidors and using a dry vacuum system, we dramatically reduce the water usage per patient.

The centerpiece of our office is the ultra-modern steam sterilization system, which greatly reduces the need for us to use harsh sterilization chemicals. We made the earth friendly choice to use the Hu-Friedy® Enzymax Earth™ detergent to clean our instruments. It is biodegradable and phosphate free, and presents less bioaccumulation potential and contains enzyme stabilizers that are safer for the environment. Enzymax Earth is registered with the DfE (Design for the Environment) as a safer product for the environment. Also, by utilizing metal cassettes to sterilize our instruments, we reduce the use of traditional paper sterilization pouches.

In addition, Village Green Family Dentistry is a totally digital and chartless office, with all patient records digitally filed. Plus, all our equipment is energy efficient and, as a result, enables us to possess a small carbon footprint. This is an achievement that makes us very proud.

When you choose Village Green Family Dentistry, you are choosing to care for your planet as well as your oral health. Visit our office and we will show you exactly how we can make a difference together in caring for your planet and health together.


At Village Green Family Dentistry, we make a conscious effort to arrive at choices that are best for our environment through water and energy conservation, digital imaging, chartless record-keeping, recycling and the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products. These choices that are best for our environment also provide the best care for our patients and their oral health.