The Latest Equipment for Maximum Comfort and Superior Results

Village Green Family Dentistry utilizes equipment that represents the very latest in technology. Each piece we have is designed to provide safe and efficient care without the pain and time associated with old-fashioned dentistry. Equally reassuring, much of our equipment is environmentally friendly, enabling us to have a small carbon footprint.

Here is a partial list of the equipment that you, as a patient, will benefit from at Village Green Family Dentistry:

  • Digital X-ray equipment provides the best panoramic image quality with the lowest dose of radiation exposure to the patient.
  • Adec chairs offer optimum comfort for patients and great ergonomic access for the dentist. Each is equipped with a computer and monitors, one for the dentist and one for the patient.
  • Adec Sterilization Center is a complete modern sterilization center that promotes a safe environment. It also streamlines the sterilization process for more efficient patient care.
  • Intraoral Patient Cameras add ease and efficiency to diagnosing dental problems while furthering patient understanding by giving them the ability to view their teeth on their own monitors.
  • CAESY Patient Education System provides live-action videos with 3D animation to explain complex procedures in easy-to-understand language. The videos can be viewed in each patient area, as well as in the consultation room, and on the “Smile Channel” in the reception area.
  • Nitrous Oxide System offers the highest levels of precision, patient comfort, and system safety. For convenience and reassurance, there is one fully integrated system in each patient area.
  • Diode Laser System is engineered with the patient in mind, providing unsurpassed capabilities when performing soft tissue periodontal and surgical procedures.
  • Rotary Endodontic System is engineered to stay within the canal diameter, ensuring precise endodontic procedures


The digital imaging equipment at Village Green Family Dentistry helps patients feel more comfortable when they are in the dentist's chair. Unlike the sharp films used in traditional x-rays, digital images are captured pain-free, and results can be viewed instantly. To protect patients from exposure to hazardous materials, the office is also equipped with a complete modern steam sterilization system, which is on display for all to see behind a floor-to-ceiling glass wall.