Village Green Family Dentistry provides a full range of general dentistry services such as preventative, restorative, cosmetic and surgical procedures to families and individuals of all ages.


pediatric dentistry

Often when families are choosing dentists they must find one for adults and another for children. This is not the case when you choose Village Green Family Dentistry. We are as skilled at caring for the dental needs of children as well as for adults. At Village Green Family Dentistry, we offer our young patients the following Pediatric Dentistry services:

  • Restorative Care - Restorative dentistry involves the diagnosis of all issues relating to the health and function of the smile, specifically those pertaining to broken or damaged teeth. These include treatment and repair of broken or damaged teeth.
  • Oral Surgery - At Village Green Family Dentistry, we offer Oral Surgery, including pre-treatment orthodontic extractions, and suturing of lacerations to our young patients.
  • Pulpotomy with Stainless Steel Crown Placement - Pulpotomy is the complete removal of the coronal portion of the dental pulp before it becomes infected. If necessary, a Stainless Steel Crown Placement can be used to protect the tooth from becoming infected.
  • Fluoride Treatment - Fluoride treatment is a proven way to prevent tooth decay by making teeth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. It also reverses early decay.
  • Sealant Placement - When premolars and molars are not smooth, the depressed areas that are formed can be breeding grounds for dental decay. The most effective way to prevent this is to apply sealants, thin plastic coatings, to the chewing surfaces of back teeth so foods cannot get caught in them.